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3 Squeezes was founded on 2 pillars, Love and Compassion.

When wishing to communicate with loved ones, our company intends to show you the most beautiful way to express the most important feeling we humans are able to share…love.

How do you show it when you can’t say it? By squeezing the wrist of your love one 3 times, thereby, simulating the words...

"I love you" 

Inspired by our own personal experience, we want to help anyone who has a loved one unable to communicate on their own, whether they are intubated, suffering from MS, Parkinson’s Disease, Strokes, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Autism, Deaf or any other impairment. On a good note, if you just simply want to say "I love you" we encourage everyone to apply this method; regardless of the circumstances, happy or sad.